In this town of halloween....

What would Blair Waldorf do, you ask?

Blair Waldorf would wear these fantastic tights and sit on the steps of the Met, THATS WHAT SHE WOULD DO!

The guard at the Met gave me a really strange look when I announced that I was feeling "so Blair right now"

Halloween in New York was fun but tiresome. I sprained my foot and have to wear flat shoes and hobble around like a cripple! But A & myself and a bunch of A's friends from NYU had a delicious time frolicking about and meeting interesting people and talking in British accents and such. I FINALLY found the pink wig that I've been searching for, and went as my popstar alter ego. A had issues with costuming so we decided she could put on a tiara and go as Kate Middleton!

Look at A's lashes!! The falsies look so good on her!

After a while we got tired and went back and changed, I out of my wig and A into a different dress and sans tiara. We went out again and some lovely boy on the train that almost landed us in hobolken asked us what we were dressed as, "peacoats and normalcy?", and then told us about the film The Warriors which is a 1978 cult classic and I'm watching it right now and am kind of in love. Highly recommended. It's like Gangs of New York meets A Clockwork Orange, but during the late 70s. Fun fun!

Last weekend my friend HeyKate and I went to this local band show, and it was a Halloween show so I went as my original costume idea, Edie Sedgwick!! It turned out really great and I loved being Edie!


test-run hair and makeup (sans beauty mark and falsies)

post-rain hair :( no good


Halloween is my favorite holiday. I think next year I might be Barbarella. But who knows, I'll change my mind a billion times before that day.


la petite fashionista said...

ah definitely a blair waldorf moment! loving those tights:)

N said...

Wow - total drag queen morph. (And not in a good way)

Alfa said...

Wow wow wow
girl! B will never speak with U. You broke fashion rules. And U look like a chip ...