I might just be a little bit in love with Siri Tollerød

I know I've seen Siri in editorials and on the runway a lot, and always thought she was very pretty, but it wasn't until recently that I put the face to a name. I have to say, looking at all her work, I'm very impressed with her. She has a fantasy-like beauty. Her wide, low-set eyes are so enchanting. I really can't wait to see more from her.


Get the London Look

What Would Blair Waldorf Do has gotten a facelift! Hope you all like the new layout (I thought the pink was getting a bit tacky)

London Fashion Week was a little disappointing, but there were a few collections I really liked.

Jenny Packham s/s 09
This is what I would call a "princess" collection. I can't imagine any girl not wanting to wear pieces likes these. Everything was so wonderfully girly. The pastel colours and intricate beading were just absolutely dream-like. I also really liked to makeup for this show. Some close-ups:

I'd never heard of this designer before but the collection was absolutely gorgeous!

Temperly s/s 09
There were some things I liked and some things I didn't like about Temperly. I liked the combination of black&whites mixed with strong colors like pink and blue. I did not, however, understand these belts:

Why would you put a star of david on a belt like that? It just seems so strange and out-of-place for me. I suppose it wasn't meant to be a star of david but thats what I thought when I looked at it.
Generally Temperly's collection was nice and pretty and flowy, but sometimes it was kind of strange.

Luella s/s 09
I COULD LIVE AND DIE IN THIS COLLECTION. Words cannot express how much I loved almost every single one of these pieces. Cute, girly, but still very edgy and fresh. Looked like a punk celebutaunte alice in wonderland garden party! If I could wear things from this collection every day of my life, I probably would. Some amazing close-ups:


Milan coming soon, and maybe some other stuff too!



I have been seriously slacking on this blog and I apologize!!

Anna Sui s/s 09
I am on the fence about Anna Sui in general, but I really liked this collection. It felt kind of Gypsy-esque, with a hint of fantasy. The models look like those Russian Nesting Dolls! It was very cute and wearable.

Nanette Lepore s/s 09
Some of this collection is sort of Kim Kardashian-esque (read: trashy), but I really liked that turquoise color!! The first dress reminds me a little of Jeffrey Sebelia's zipper dress for his final Project Runway collection, but I am not complaining. Also, pattern mixing yay!! I am clearly a big fan of that.

Christian Siriano s/s 09
Okay, I was expecting a LOT from Christian (Season 4 Project Runway Winner) but a lot of this was very similar to his final PR collection. Don't get me wrong, I think it's lovely, but I would have liked to see something more innovative and exciting from Christian. I really like that last dress, and it looked even better on Heidi Klum last night at the Emmys:

Well, but then again, Heidi would look good in a paper bag.

Zac Posen s/s 09
I also expected a lot from Zac Posen, and it sort of kind of delivered but not really but sort of. I really liked the sort of indian/egyptian feel of this collection, and the detailing was fantastic!

So cool! Those earrings look HEAVY though, and the makeup was kind of weird. I guess in general it was good, but kind of weird. The leopard print was sort of Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton-esque (again, read: trashy). I'm sort of inbetween on this, but I thought it was a good concept.

Will cover London & Milan soon!


emergency fashion news!


Click here to visit the website!

I am so excited for this!!!!


Miss Sixty
Miss Sixty was cute, young, sporty, and sexy, as Miss Sixty tends to look. I really liked the striped socks/stockings (those should make a come back!). Everything looked light and summery, and I especially like the idea of a white tartan pattern for spring. I really liked the picture on the bathing suit too! Very Paris Hilton (but in a nice way!)

I really loved the mis-matched three-buckle belt in this collection. I thought it was a cute idea that could easily translate from runway to real way. I wasn't too impressed with this collection, but it did look comfortable. Especially with pockets in the dresses!! All dresses should have pockets. Pockets win!

RODARTE IS AMAZING. I really really love them. So unique, so inspiring, so innovative! The fabrics were twisted and sculpted in such interesting ways. There is so much to look at! Each piece was a masterpiece. I was very impressed.

I am in LOVE with the patterns in this collection. That first lighting bolt pattern is so amazing (although I wish it was on a nicer looking garment). I love combining different patterns in new ways that somehow (miraculously) end up looking cohesive. And apparently Tuleh is not afraid to play with color! Fantastic.

Diane Von Furstenberg
First off, I love the headpieces for this collection. Very girlie, and so much pink!! The collection was romantic, light, breezy, and it felt very Shakespearian comedy to me.

Matthew Williamson
Bonjour, florals! I thought this collection was very, very pretty. I like the combination of pink and purple with black (it's very me), as well as the fantastic shoes in this collection!! They look so comfy!

End of part 2


School gets in the way of all my fashion fun!

Carolina Herrera SS 09
I thought this collection was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely stunning. The colors are bright and the detailing is fantastic. I just want to take a close up:
. How lovely is that! I love the fabric of the belt.
I also thought the dress they had on Stam was fantastic. She looked so good at this show!

Herve Leger by Max Azaria
Generally I am pretty sick of the Leger bandage dress. Sure, they're young and sexy, and what else would Heidi Montag wear if there were no bandage dresses? But every 20-something is wearing one these days, and it's getting a little overdone. That said, I do like what Max Azaria tried to do here. He spiced up the plain old bandage dress with some bursts of colour and interesting patterns and fabric choices. I thought the swimsuits were nice, looked comfy, but were strange. I mean, talk about funky tan lines!!

Monique Lhullier
I really, really, really loved this collection. Maybe it was the lighting, but the models looked like they were GLOWING. The colors were so bright and summery, they reminded me of Puerto Rico. Everything had a really nice flow to it that just felt beachy to me. I wanted to be on whatever vacation Ms. Lhullier was on!

Catherine Malandrino was another collection that really delivered for me. Everything looked sophisticated and classy. The collection is appropriately named "Dawn". The layered tulle muted the color of the fabric underneath, giving it a light, early-morning look. All in all, very lovely.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
I'm not really a fan of Marc's "other" line, but I thought it was cute and youthful. I particularly like the sort of ruffed up, vintage-y feel the fabrics have. It could have been better, but it wasn't awful.

Marc Jacobs
THIS collection, on the other hand, was AMAZING. Marc really outdid himself with this, and proved just what a visionary he is. It looked like Eliza Doolittle pre-transformation but on fashion steroids. Marc combines patterns and fabrics in a way that looks totally high-fashion and not out of place at all! I thought this collection was quite an achievement.

end of part 1


Soft and Hard.

I really really really LOVED Erin Featherson

A) I love that pinky-creame coloured sash. It looks really sweet and reminds me of my baby blanket :) I am a BIG fan of the sequin skirt. I really hope we see a lot of shimmer this season. Life needs more shimmer! (DAZZLE!). The headband is a little funky though and reminds me of those Prada turban headbands. I never saw anyone except for the Olsen twins wear them.
B) I am really loving the sorbet colors in this dress. It looks so light and soft. This whole collection just looked eatable.
C) Featherson showed a lot of dresses with that sort of poofy cotton-ball looking gathering at the bottom and it made the models look like they were walking on clouds! It looked so dreamy and angelic. Really, really lovely.

I want to take a break from Fashion Week and talk about Celebrity Style for a bit. (monday I am planning on doing a big VMAs post)

I really love Evan Rachel Wood and I think she's grown up very nicely. I wasn't too sure about the dark hair until I saw these pictures. She looks EXQUISITE in this green color at "The Wrestler" premier. She really looks very grown up and classy. If she did take a few style tips from Dita Von Teese, it certainly has done wonders for her! She looks really beautiful here. AND she was sans Manson, which makes me happy! (although she was kissing Mickey Rourke on the red carpet - EW).

Speaking of Miss Von Teese...

This is from a preview of an upcoming editorial in Harpers Bazaar UK. I LOVE that quote and I love Dita!

In other news...there was a great article about Rodarte in New York Times Magazine today (read it here). I am really excited about their upcoming collection!


Making up for lost time

My my! We have a lot of ground to cover.

Let's first discuss the second season premier of Gossip Girl!

Blair looks so fantastic in this white Marc Jacobs dress, Jennifer Behr headband (GG's resident headwear designer) and Chloe shoes. I actually really loved everyone's look for the White Party, minus those who chose to wear yellow or off-white. It looked so out of place! Why wouldn't you actually wear WHITE to a WHITE PARTY? Every time there was some variant, it drove me nuts. Dan is the only one I am prepared to forgive.

Other looks I liked:

Chuck at the White Party, looking wonderfully dapper. (as a side note, I am totally rooting for Chuck and Blair! Whatshisface may have a nice British accent, but who can resist Chuck Bass!)

Serena looking very Greek goddess-like in Oscar de la Renta. I especially liked her hair:
(all photos from thefashionspot.com)


This is BCBG RTW S/S 09
I thought this collection was sort of bland, but I really like the bright colors paired with the grey accessories. Everything was very flowy and silky looking and sort of young up-and-coming actress trying to look sexy-ish.

Rag & Bone RTW S/S 09
Generally I like Rag&Bone. This collection was sort of weird for me. The pants looked like they were cropped at the ankle which was just...odd. I liked the pieces in general, but the cut was just strange.
I LOVE those pants on the left, the dress in the middle was uniquely chic, and the shiny blazer is so rad! I want one! Very Mark Ronson
A lot of my favorite models were at this show, including the lovely Coco Rocha (featured on the right of that picture), Jessica Stam, Sasha Pivovarova, Anja Rubik, and hottie Cole Mohr!

More updates tomorrow!


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