Miss Sixty
Miss Sixty was cute, young, sporty, and sexy, as Miss Sixty tends to look. I really liked the striped socks/stockings (those should make a come back!). Everything looked light and summery, and I especially like the idea of a white tartan pattern for spring. I really liked the picture on the bathing suit too! Very Paris Hilton (but in a nice way!)

I really loved the mis-matched three-buckle belt in this collection. I thought it was a cute idea that could easily translate from runway to real way. I wasn't too impressed with this collection, but it did look comfortable. Especially with pockets in the dresses!! All dresses should have pockets. Pockets win!

RODARTE IS AMAZING. I really really love them. So unique, so inspiring, so innovative! The fabrics were twisted and sculpted in such interesting ways. There is so much to look at! Each piece was a masterpiece. I was very impressed.

I am in LOVE with the patterns in this collection. That first lighting bolt pattern is so amazing (although I wish it was on a nicer looking garment). I love combining different patterns in new ways that somehow (miraculously) end up looking cohesive. And apparently Tuleh is not afraid to play with color! Fantastic.

Diane Von Furstenberg
First off, I love the headpieces for this collection. Very girlie, and so much pink!! The collection was romantic, light, breezy, and it felt very Shakespearian comedy to me.

Matthew Williamson
Bonjour, florals! I thought this collection was very, very pretty. I like the combination of pink and purple with black (it's very me), as well as the fantastic shoes in this collection!! They look so comfy!

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Great post! Matthew Williamson was one of my favourites!