Soft and Hard.

I really really really LOVED Erin Featherson

A) I love that pinky-creame coloured sash. It looks really sweet and reminds me of my baby blanket :) I am a BIG fan of the sequin skirt. I really hope we see a lot of shimmer this season. Life needs more shimmer! (DAZZLE!). The headband is a little funky though and reminds me of those Prada turban headbands. I never saw anyone except for the Olsen twins wear them.
B) I am really loving the sorbet colors in this dress. It looks so light and soft. This whole collection just looked eatable.
C) Featherson showed a lot of dresses with that sort of poofy cotton-ball looking gathering at the bottom and it made the models look like they were walking on clouds! It looked so dreamy and angelic. Really, really lovely.

I want to take a break from Fashion Week and talk about Celebrity Style for a bit. (monday I am planning on doing a big VMAs post)

I really love Evan Rachel Wood and I think she's grown up very nicely. I wasn't too sure about the dark hair until I saw these pictures. She looks EXQUISITE in this green color at "The Wrestler" premier. She really looks very grown up and classy. If she did take a few style tips from Dita Von Teese, it certainly has done wonders for her! She looks really beautiful here. AND she was sans Manson, which makes me happy! (although she was kissing Mickey Rourke on the red carpet - EW).

Speaking of Miss Von Teese...

This is from a preview of an upcoming editorial in Harpers Bazaar UK. I LOVE that quote and I love Dita!

In other news...there was a great article about Rodarte in New York Times Magazine today (read it here). I am really excited about their upcoming collection!


Runaway Gallery said...

i've fallen for that purple featherstone dress on the right

Anonymous said...

I looooved the green dress. AMAZING!

It's the first time I visit your blog and I really like it!