I have been seriously slacking on this blog and I apologize!!

Anna Sui s/s 09
I am on the fence about Anna Sui in general, but I really liked this collection. It felt kind of Gypsy-esque, with a hint of fantasy. The models look like those Russian Nesting Dolls! It was very cute and wearable.

Nanette Lepore s/s 09
Some of this collection is sort of Kim Kardashian-esque (read: trashy), but I really liked that turquoise color!! The first dress reminds me a little of Jeffrey Sebelia's zipper dress for his final Project Runway collection, but I am not complaining. Also, pattern mixing yay!! I am clearly a big fan of that.

Christian Siriano s/s 09
Okay, I was expecting a LOT from Christian (Season 4 Project Runway Winner) but a lot of this was very similar to his final PR collection. Don't get me wrong, I think it's lovely, but I would have liked to see something more innovative and exciting from Christian. I really like that last dress, and it looked even better on Heidi Klum last night at the Emmys:

Well, but then again, Heidi would look good in a paper bag.

Zac Posen s/s 09
I also expected a lot from Zac Posen, and it sort of kind of delivered but not really but sort of. I really liked the sort of indian/egyptian feel of this collection, and the detailing was fantastic!

So cool! Those earrings look HEAVY though, and the makeup was kind of weird. I guess in general it was good, but kind of weird. The leopard print was sort of Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton-esque (again, read: trashy). I'm sort of inbetween on this, but I thought it was a good concept.

Will cover London & Milan soon!

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