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Carolina Herrera SS 09
I thought this collection was BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely stunning. The colors are bright and the detailing is fantastic. I just want to take a close up:
. How lovely is that! I love the fabric of the belt.
I also thought the dress they had on Stam was fantastic. She looked so good at this show!

Herve Leger by Max Azaria
Generally I am pretty sick of the Leger bandage dress. Sure, they're young and sexy, and what else would Heidi Montag wear if there were no bandage dresses? But every 20-something is wearing one these days, and it's getting a little overdone. That said, I do like what Max Azaria tried to do here. He spiced up the plain old bandage dress with some bursts of colour and interesting patterns and fabric choices. I thought the swimsuits were nice, looked comfy, but were strange. I mean, talk about funky tan lines!!

Monique Lhullier
I really, really, really loved this collection. Maybe it was the lighting, but the models looked like they were GLOWING. The colors were so bright and summery, they reminded me of Puerto Rico. Everything had a really nice flow to it that just felt beachy to me. I wanted to be on whatever vacation Ms. Lhullier was on!

Catherine Malandrino was another collection that really delivered for me. Everything looked sophisticated and classy. The collection is appropriately named "Dawn". The layered tulle muted the color of the fabric underneath, giving it a light, early-morning look. All in all, very lovely.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
I'm not really a fan of Marc's "other" line, but I thought it was cute and youthful. I particularly like the sort of ruffed up, vintage-y feel the fabrics have. It could have been better, but it wasn't awful.

Marc Jacobs
THIS collection, on the other hand, was AMAZING. Marc really outdid himself with this, and proved just what a visionary he is. It looked like Eliza Doolittle pre-transformation but on fashion steroids. Marc combines patterns and fabrics in a way that looks totally high-fashion and not out of place at all! I thought this collection was quite an achievement.

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Eva said...

Catharine Malandrinos dresses were stunning and I love those nude gladiators at M by MJ. Great blog!