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New things!

This dress was a target find - I thought it was so cute and I've been looking for a flannel dress/shirt-to-wear-as-a-dress for so long! It was really comfy although it didn't snap down all the way so I was a little afraid of having a Britney moment. Still, very nice. I told my mom I felt like a combination of Kurt Cobain and Norm Abrams (who is a famous carpenter, if you didn't know. My dad watches his show religiously).

These tights were so much fun!! They're from Forever 21 and just screamed Blair Waldorf to me (so obviously I had to get them). The day we went shopping my friend Lesley was wearing a black skirt over a black top and it looked like a dress, which I thought was so cute. I decided to try it myself with a black pencil skirt and deep v-neck top from American Apparel. You can't really see it too well in the picture but I thought it worked well.

Other things I bought:

From Forever 21:

(these tights are SO FUN and I've been wanting them for a really long time. Now I just have to find something to wear them with!)

From Victoria's Secret:

The garter I got isn't that exact one but it is very similar. I love buying new lingerie! It always makes me feel sexy and pretty. I'm very excited to wear it out.

MAC cosmetics:

Eye Shadow in "White Frost"

False Eyelashes - Being Edie Sedgwick for halloween requires dense lashes!

Also got black liquid eyeliner

Steve Madden:

I was really on a hunt to find boots so I felt obligated to buy a pair even though I wasn't 100% in love with them. These were expensive and I'm not completely okay with them so I'm going to end up returning them. Finding nice heeled boots that don't make you look like a hooker is so difficult!! I'm beginning to get disillusioned with them. :(

Anyway, I do feel much better now that I've bought new things. Being a shopaholic is difficult sometimes!


Tayarisha Poe said...

I'm being sunshine for halloween, i'll make sure to show you pictures. is the forever 21 thing a bra? that's ridiculously adorable i want it now.

you disappeared from my life so i'm subscribing to your blog.

Tayarisha Poe said...

oh and also, i really want a pair of thigh high boots that don't make me look like a hooker. what should i dooooo?

Christina said...

Sunshine? How cute and fun and totally a thing you would do! Sometimes cute things can be found at f21, and it's so wonderful because that bra was only $8 and was only slightly less cute than the one I found at Victoria's secret. Finding high heeled boots that are non-hooker-ish is very difficult apparently. When I find a decent pair I'll post about it.

Mirthe said...

Very cute tights!

N said...

You're right - the tramp and hoe look is so right for you, and really suits your classless self. Congrats on finding your place in the world!